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Camella Cauayan boasts itself of having beautifully designed Mediterranean-inspired homes within a perfect location. Hence, you can enjoy quality housing at a beautiful but peaceful countryside location. But in order for homeowners to maximize their sense of community and make this a truly secure place for them to live in, there are also several amenities and facilities incorporated into the planning of this development. The range of facilities and amenities in this residential community will also help to enhance the quality of your life because you can get to enjoy recreational opportunities without the need to step out of this subdivision.

The first and most important feature is the guarded entrance gate. Once you see the Camella Cauayan sign, you are not too far from the guarded entrance gate. This gate is manned by security personnel on a 24/7 basis. Thus, they will be monitoring the entry and exit points for all vehicles that are provided access into this development site. There are also several security features available such as the CCTV monitoring on key common areas in the development site, as well as roving guards that patrol the community day or night. You can therefore be secure and at peace knowing that there are security personnel looking after the perimeter. 

Another important world-class amenity provided for the homeowners of Camella Cauayan is the Clubhouse. Like the homes in this development, the clubhouse also comes with a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired architectural style. This clubhouse also has function spaces that can be used for social gatherings such as birthdays, reunions, and the like. You can therefore keep your celebrations close to home and ensure that there is a beautiful venue to host your special event. In the clubhouse, there are also smaller function rooms that you can use for small gatherings or business meetings. 

Aside from the distinctive architectural style of the homes, another standout feature in this development is the presence of flower and landscaped gardens. This is another staple of the Camella Homes developments. The developers wanted to incorporate a sense of nature into the master-planned community to ensure that the families who live here can enjoy a relaxing ambiance. These landscaped gardens and pocket parks are regularly maintained so you can expect for them to enhance the overall aesthetics of the community, as well. 

If you seek out recreational amenities, you will have plenty to choose from at Camella Cauayan. One of the most basic facilities that every modern development should have is a swimming pool. This full-sized pool is open to all residents who want to relax or cool down on weekends. For the children, there is also a large playground that they can enjoy. This will give them a chance to socialize with the other kids in the community, as well. For the adults, there is also a full-sized playing court, which can be used for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other kinds of sports. 

At Camella Cauayan, you can therefore choose from a wide range of modern amenities that meets your fitness, recreational, and lifestyle needs. Whatever your kind of lifestyle may be, you will find an amenity that will facilitate with that.

  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Shuttle Service
  • Swimming Pool
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